Griselian British Shorthairs

On this page we will give information of any older cats available and looking for a new home.


There can be different reasons for this: a cat not getting along with the other cats, not all female cats are suitable for breeding and  sometimes a kitten kept for future breeding will not be suitable when they reach maturity.

There are also occasions when an owner may have to give up their cats due to a change in their circumstances.


These cats will  make excellent pets and are looking for a permanent home to retire in.

If you do not find what you are looking for here please contact us.

We may know of other cats that require a loving home


Older cats available for rehoming






































a chocolate and white girl who is 2 and a half and will be neutered soon. very affectionate and likes to investigate all who enter the house

Dylan and Frankie

are both neutered and ready for a new home preferably together as they have always lived together

see the boys page

Dylan is Lilac

Frankie is Fawn

a little reserved at first but both lovely soft boys

Charlie and Jemima

Charlie is a cream and white boy

Jemima is a chocolate girl

they are both very young adults and still need to mature a little more

they get on well together Jemima being more outgoing than charlie who is a little reserved. 


a blue spotted girl who is 5 years old and who just sort of stayed

she is a lovely affectionate girl but would really like to live in a home with less cats and have more attention please